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Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity is committed to self-sufficiency and economic development in local Black communities. Economic development is the base and first step in Black recovery and empowerment. Our work is necessarily a collaborative effort.

All donations of money, time or expertise to Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity uplift our communities through the support of Black businesses. 

Donations and contributions are greatly appreciated and valued.  

Angie Wiggins
CEO, Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity

(Collective Growth)

MaxReach necessarily values and supports other local non-profits dedicated to building the five pillars of Black empowerment as defined in Dr. Claude Anderson’s Powernomics.

We invite and encourage you to contribute to other non-profit organizations working to grow our communities within these pillars.

Below are links to some of our co-builders.  Please browse their websites and Pitch In wherever your passion lies!

Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity does not endorse any political candidate or initiative.  The views expressed on the websites or by the organizations listed below do not necessarily reflect the views of Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity.

Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity

Fortifying Economic Power & Self Sufficiency
By Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Beyond The Village

Empowerment for Veterans, Adults 55+ and others through career planning, technology training and job creation.

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Under Construction.  Please check back soon .

Judicial System Reform

Sac Act

 We equip ordinary people to effectively identify and change conditions to create justice and equity.

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#Cut 50

#Cut 50

#cut50 is a bipartisan effort to cut crime and incarceration across all 50 states. 


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Sacramento Cultural Hub

The Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (SCHMF) believes in building a strong community of leaders by EDUCATING, PROMOTING, and INSPIRING individuals to pursue their personal, academic, and business goals. 

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Roberts Family Development Center

Our services provide a holistic approach focusing on early childhood and parent education, economic empowerment, and technology literacy.

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