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Essential Support Services

Support services are essential to small business success.

Businesses without support services tend to adopt a do-it-yourself operating model that leaves them overworked and exhausted devoting little or no time to grow the business.

The Essential Support Services program allows businesses to experience firsthand the value of support services.  Not only will they realize that they CAN afford these services, they will grow to understand that they cannot afford to operate without them.  Our job is to ensure that by the end of the program, participating businesses can procure and sustain their own support service networks, and that they are actively driving their businesses to the next level of growth and sustainability.

We envision Black communities thriving with growing businesses. We see these businesses regularly hiring from within their communities, teaching local youth pertinent skills and trades, and actively participating in community growth and development.


With Support, Full Potential Can Be Achieved!

Professor Edwina Leon

Building Community Teams
Establishing Trust
Encouraging Cooperation
Eliciting  Accountability

Creating real opportunity for
business success.
Making business growth the norm.
Making prosperity a community project.

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Educate and Elevate
on every level

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